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Lists the key dates and milestones in the long process of planning and building our house:

Date Description / Milestone
Winter 2007 Decide to renovate and get some rough quotes for renovation
November 2007 Decide to build new house, and hire first architect
March 2008 Hire Sunpower Design to design the house
15th July 2008 Submit pre-planning application to Whitehorse City Council
September 2008 Submit town planning application to Whitehorse City Council
4th November 2009 Planning permit signs displayed (photo)
29th January 2009 Received planning approval
February 2009 Sent out tenders for builders
29th April 2009 Sign building contract with A. A. Turner Pty Ltd
12th May 2009 Move out of old house, into the rental
May/June 2009 Wait for demolition permit and gas/electricity to be removed
12th June 2009 House demolition begins
15th June 2009 Hire Verdigris Design to do landscape concept design
23rd June 2009 Plumbing begins
1st July 2009 Concreters begin
10th July 2009 Slab is poured
23rd July 2009 Carpenters begin the frames/walls
17th August 2009 New carpentry team takes over
23rd September 2009 Cladding begins
12th November 2009 Plastering begins
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