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March 15, 2012 / MildlyCrafty

More garden photos

All the planting* is finished now and the lawn is in.  Now we just have to wait for it to grow :)
It makes such a difference to the feel of the house.  Now I can hear wind rustling through the bamboo and see the light and shadows changing through the day.  It’s wonderful!
*  actually there’s one section where we have to get council permission to take out a tree that is dying that hasn’t been planted yet, but it’s close enough to call it done!
Kalamata olives.
The photo above is of the fellas who are going to build the pergola measuring up.  The pergola will be black painted steel with galvanised wire and cover that whole paved area.   It’ll take a few years but I’m really looking forward to sitting under our grapevine :)
Mulch!  How cute is that old truck!
More plants delivered yesterday.
Lillydale turf!  We got a little showbag with it that had a proper book on how to care for your lawn and a “keep of the lawn” sign :)
Pineapple plants!  (not the real kind of pineapple, just a flower that looks like them)
I think this is brown sedge.
Top-dressing the lawn with sand helps to keep it damp and helps to make sure it’s flat and even (looks a bit crappy though).
500 little dichondra!
Back lawn, yellow iris in front of the retaining wall.

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