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February 18, 2012 / Matt

The Hifi Setup

Designing and building our own house gave me an opportunity to have the the hifi set up exactly how I wanted it.   There are always compromises, but I’m very happy with what we ended up with.

When designing the electrics in the house, I wanted to be sure we had plenty of power-points.  I wanted to be sure I never had to use another powerboard or double-adapter ever again.  While unpacking I took this photo showing all the powerboards we were using in the previous house (lots!!).   And I’m happy to say there isn’t a single one used in our new house!  Yay!

All the hifi components are housed in cupboards in our living toom.   As you can see in the photo below, there are 4 power-points (8 outlets).  The electrician thought I was crazy…. but now I’m using almost all of them (without power-boards!)
The cupboards doors are retractable so we can keep this open for easy access to all the components.
Now for the best bit.  This cupboard backs onto the under-stair storage space.   This is where all the wiring for the house is centralised (speakers, telephone, ethernet).     I had an opening made between the hifi cupboard and this space which made it easy to connect things up and keep everything tidy.
This shot shows the opening and all the cabling, network hub, ADSL modem, NAS. and one of the Sonos units.  It also shows the shelves I put up on Australia Day.  I’m not very handy, so was pretty pleased with the result.  (There’s also a few power-points in this room too – some above the opening and more in the shelving).


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