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December 15, 2011 / MildlyCrafty

We’re in!

That’s right ,we quietly moved in at the end of October!
I was waiting until we had the house tidy to take some photos but couldn’t wait any longer so here’s some taken as is, no fancy styling here!
So happy to finally be in!!
The crazy paving in Castlemaine slate is almost completed and it looks awesome!  There’s been lots of digging and mud around this week so it’s looking a bit dirty in this photo but trust me it’s fabulous in person.  This photo is of our north facing courtyard, we’re in the process of arranging a pergola which we’ll grow an ornamental vine over.  The vine is actually a cutting from my parents vine which in turn was a cutting from the vine we had at my childhood home, which is a nice connection to have.  It turns an amazing rusty colour in Autumn but it’ll be quite a few years before there’s enough to provide much shade :)
This is also the north side of the house, looking east.  There will be a nice patch of lawn down there.
Standing on the “lawn” looking south-ish towards the garage.  That’s more paving there but you can hardly tell as there’s a lot of mud covering it.
Standing in the back north-east corner which will be the vegie patch.
From the side street.
The front door.  Getting in the festive spirit I put up a wreath but it’s so tiny you can hardly notice it amongst the mess :)  More crazy paving here.
The front garden.  They’re putting in new soil.
By the end of today it should be a lot cleaner and tidier here!
The front deck with assorted pots and stuff.  That’s our landscaper’s sign.
And one of my favourite things that we’ve done since we moved in was to put up these two fold out clothes airers.  We don’t have a clothes line yet and the clothes horses were driving me crazy as I have to put them in the lounge room and they take up a lot of room in the laundry when they’re folded up.  These things however are awesome, they’ll take a full load of washing and they’re right near the machine, so easy to use!  (if you’re interested they’re from Howards Storage World and have 9 rungs 120cm wide)


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  1. kirsten / Feb 6 2012 11:56 pm

    oh, wow! so pleased you have moved in!!! HOORAY! very exciting. :)

    i’ve been wondering where it was all at so this is so great to see.

  2. MildlyCrafty / Feb 7 2012 11:10 am

    Thanks Kirstin!

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