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September 29, 2011 / MildlyCrafty

Hard landscaping

The stone retaining wall has been finished and work has started on the hard landscaping.  They had an excavator in to remove a lot of clay and now they’re preparing the areas that will be paved with Castlemaine slate and digging foundations for the retaining walls.
In the photo below (looking out the kitchen door) the area that the excavator is sitting on will have a retaining wall in front of it, along the back fence there will be olive trees and we’ll have vegie beds in the middle.  Can’t wait to be able to potter around in the vegie garden again!
You can see the excavator through the window down the end there, that’s the east side of the house, on the left is the north side and you can see the lovely sun coming in and warming the concrete for passive solar heating.  That northern area you can see will be paved also with a narrow garden bed running along the fence.
The privacy screen on the western side has been completed too.  This side faces the street and the westerly afternoon sun which would blast through here in summer so we needed something to block it.  The screen is galvanised steel clad on the outside with 65mm silvertop ash and retracts into a cavity in the wall when not in use.
And most excitingly, the floor is being ground back today!  The floor was not adequately troweled smooth when it was laid, never fully sealed and not adequately protected during construction so it was rough, not level and badly stained from paint, plaster, grease etc and it looked crap.  But today all that should be remedied with a great big sander!  They’ll take off 1 or 2mm to level out the high and low spots and to get it smooth but hopefully without exposing the aggregate.  I can’t wait to see it!
And here’s a photo I took the other day from across the street.  Hopefully the curved sections will be finished next week so you won’t have the bright blue bits in the next photos :)  (I also can’t wait to get rid of that damn bright yellow site toilet)

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